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CBS opened a new chapter in radio programming in Uganda by departing from what was regarded as popular radio where all fm radio stations were an emulation of American and European music radio formats. CBS started on the unbeaten track seeking to be relevant to its audience identity and adopted the local format with most programs being broadcast in a range of local languages with Luganda using up most airtime on 88.8 fm while 89.2 fm enjoys a blend of other languages including English.

Primarily edutainment stations focusing on delivery of educative information, CBS programming recognizes and emphasizes traditional and cultural values as vital pillars and catalysts in development. Music and programs are therefore specifically packaged to reflect the desires and aspirations of the stations target audience.

Because of the unique nature of CBS’s product, it attracts all categories of listeners with 88.8 fm skewed towards adults, in the ABC & D classes all of whom understand and cherish their local culture & 89.2 FM addressing the more youthful audience who live the central Uganda culture. CBS listeners therefore range from top policy makers, the government technocrats, the middle class as well as the locals of all walks of life.

As such CBS has come to be popularly known as “Radio Yaffe” which inferences mean “Our radio station” or “the peoples’ own radio” respectively.

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Central broadcasting service (CBS) also known as radio Buganda Broadcasting on 88.8 fm and 89.2 FM is the largest private commercial fm radio station


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