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About CBS FM and its Mandate

      1. VISION

          To be the communication hub of choice for all generations

      2. MISSION:

          To provide services aimed at effectively transforming the lives of the people of Buganda and beyond.

      3. CORE VALUES


          RELIABLE – We deliver what we commit to our stakeholders and keep them informed of progress.


          INNOVATIVE – We are receptive to new ideas and new thinking to provide business solutions to our clients.


          EFFICIENT – We continuously strive to perfect our processes in order to provide quality service in all aspects.


          INTEGRITY – We are honest, trustworthy and straightforward in all our dealings with our stakeholders.


          TEAM WORK – We value teamwork not only between ourselves but also with our stakeholders.


          RESPECT -Each customer is to be treated with respect and dignity and is to be treated equitably in all situations.


                          "While our mission and vision statements provide CBS with direction

                           and purpose, our core values serve as drivers to guide our actions

                           and decisions as we strive to achieve our vision".

About Cbsfm Radio

cbsfm radio events in 2016

cbsfm radio in 2016

About Us

Central broadcasting service (CBS) also known as radio Buganda Broadcasting on 88.8 fm and 89.2 FM is the largest private commercial fm radio station


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For general information about the cbsfm radio buganda, please contact us at:
 cbsfmThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Kabaka Anjagala Road
Mengo Bulange House
P.O.Box 12760